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Any advice on anorgasmia - failure to orgasm thanks to SNRIs?


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Hey folks,

Am on Wellbutrin. Am tapering. I have been finding it nearly impossible to orgasm. Plenty of stimulation, great sex life with my partner, arousal is not an issue, but no amount of stimulation or using a vibrator is working any more. Have now discovered that PSSD is an issue with antidepressants, often a permanent issue even after fully tapering.


I wonder if my tapering is what has kicked this off. It has been getting increasingly difficult of late. This weekend I wasn't able to at all. It's not psychological. Mentally things have never been better, which is a great blessing. 


Found this: https://www.ourbodiesourselves.org/2021/01/when-antidepressants-leave-lasting-damage-living-with-post-ssri-snri-sexual-dysfunction/


Does anyone have any advice? 

On Cymbalta for 10 years after PND.  Original dose of 60mg was far too high.  Tapered down over years.  Tricky journey. 

Finally off October 2018. Once over the fallout, haven't looked back. 

  • Been on 150mg Prolonged Release Zyban for 3.5 yrs.
  • It comes in blank plastic pouches.
  • The code on the pill is GX CH7.
  • The full pill weight is 0.42 grams.  

Starting tapering journey May 2020.  Cut the tablet into 4 quarters. Found the pill cutter very inexact for this kind of tablet. Sizes varied hugely.

Tried one half in morning and the other 2 quarters at regular intervals. Abandoned that plan fast, as half an immediate release made me feel like I'd had 300 coffees.
Took a quarter every few hours instead. Which meant I dropped by a whole quarter. This had me bumpy for 2 weeks.
31st July - began skipping the middle 1/4 on alternating days. VERY BAD IDEA. Doctor's advice. Thanks to Chessiecat and Altostrata and went back to the 1/4 three times a day. 
15th September went down by 10%;29th October went down by 10%;Mid December will cut 10% again. 
Approx three 10% cuts (pill weight) since January 2021 (2021). Each is pretty bumpy. 
July 2021 - Am now at 0.06 grams (pill weight) x 3 daily. (The whole pill weighs 0.42 grams)
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Hi Molly,


Forgive me for the possibly uncomfortable question, you don't have to reply if you don't want to. Do you experience anorgasmia only with your partner or also while trying to achieve an orgasm by yourself?


I am asking because I have troubles in climaxing with my partner, however I never had an issue by myself.  


As you can see I have been dealing with Cymbalta most of my life, luckily now I am tapering it (thank god I found this community!) and things seem to go actually very well in that sense, I am quite confident I will be able to get rid of it in due time.

2004-2006 Fluoxetine 20 mg. Tapered and got off successfully.

2008 - November 2021 Cymbalta 60 mg

November 2021 - January 2022 cold turkey

Feb 2022 reinstated Cymbalta, 10 mg to cope with withdrawal. Managed to readapt and stabilize well after 3-4 weeks. 

Apr 2022 - August 2023 - Tapered 10 % every 2 weeks, no particular symptoms. In the meantime, I went running 3 times a week and used magnesium supplements.

August 2023 - November 2023 - meds free. No symptoms.

November 2023 - Mentally ok, no depression whatsoever, but lots of fatigue with bowel irritation, pain, constipation, difficulty to rest properly. Possibly (but not only necessarily) triggered by an extremely stressful time at work + home. Reinstated 2 mg to alleviate symptoms, more or less working.




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