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supplementsuppot: How to treat kindling from supplements?


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I believe I have unintentionally caused a kindling reaction from supplements.


I started taking supplements in 2018 for anxiety, mainly 100 mg 5htp and 50mg St Johns wort 2x a day. I never took more than the suggested dose, but I would not take it every day. I started taking it every other day for 6 months, then every 3 days, 4 days, 5 days over a 1.5 year period. I stuck at every 5 days, but within 2.5 years I gradually dropped the dose to just 50mg of 5htp (no st johns wort) every 5 days. Throughout the time taking it I developed muscle spasms in my back, neck and jaw.


I stopped taking anything in October 2021 (about 3 years after starting) and felt fine mentally, but the muscle spasms were still there. At this time, I started regularly smoking cannabis again (of which I had quit for 6 months prior) and felt the muscle spasms were getting worse. I quit smoking cannabis and drinking caffeine and went to a chiropractor in April 2022, and he suggested Gingko for the muscle pain. I started taking 120mg for one week, and felt a slight improvement in my muscle pain but I didn't like how it made me feel. I felt very emotionless, so I stopped taking it after only one week. I immediately felt severe withdraw (anxiety, muscle pain, flu like symptoms) and after one week reinstated the gingko at 60mg every other day. I did that for a week, and then went to every four day, five day, and 7 day for one cycle each until I stopped taking. The last four weeks I didn't take any, but was still feeling severe withdraw symptoms. Today I reinstated, but I only took what I estimate to be 10% of the 60mg capsule (cut it open and took 10% of the powder). I immediately felt better mentally, and my muscle spasm improved a little. My main questions are: Is it a good sign that I immediately felt relief? Should I take this small dose every day for a month to try and stabilize or should I continue intermittingly like once a week? I know this is hard to answer, but after stabilizing and a slow taper do you think I will continue to be hypersensitive to supplements, cannabis and caffeine?


I really appreciate any insight. I realize that compared to most people on this site I am such a mild case, but I can not find any answers online. Thank you for reading.

Aug 2018 - 200mg 5htp and 100mg of St Johns Wort every other day

March 2019 - Same dose every 3 days

August 2019 - same dose every 4 days

March 2020 - same dose every 5 days

August 2020 - dropped to 100mg 5htp and 50mg St Johns Wort every 5 days

Jan 2021 - dropped to 50mg 5htp every 5 days (stopped taking St Johns wort)

Oct 2021 - stopped taking 5htp

April 2022 - began taking 120 mg Gingko with adverse effects after a week

April-May 2022 - reinstated ginko at 60mg every other day for a week, then every 4th day, 5th day and week for one cycle then stopped

June 2022 - after four weeks of withdrawal reinstated gingko at 6mg and may take everyday or every week for a month? Then taper

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Welcome, @supplementsuppot


I am sorry you've had these problems with supplements. What we see is adverse effects very slowly go away, as long as you don't upset your system with more drugs, supplements, alcohol, etc.


This is a site for going off drugs. We don't provide support for complementary medicine gone bad here. In fact, we're skeptical about neuro supplements, nootropics, etc., especially in combination. Suggest you give your provider a good talking to and stop taking that stuff.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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