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Giving testimony for the science and/or the public


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Dear friends,


I’m sure I’m not the only one asking this question, but are you familiar with any way for us to share our personal experience for researching purposes or public awareness?


Perhaps to a University, or a psychology magazine, or a radio program… in the U.K., or globally?


I was thinking of how invaluable it would be for the world to be aware of what we’re going through, and the more the better. I personally would be more than happy to share my own if that may incite any change, which I’m sure there would be if people were more aware of the possible outcomes of taking antidepressants/benzodiazepines/mood regulators…

I’m sharing my personal experience along with what I’ve learnt in this forum so far with as many as I can, but there’s only so much one can reach to.


I send you all my love and tons of reassurance that you will get better. It is slow and painful, but you definitely will. Just treat yourself with care and compassion while you do 💗

At 15 years old: unknown antidepressant.
2005-2007: Venlafaxine. Overdosed on benzos.
2011- 2012: Fluoxetine.

2013: started Duloxetine. Overdosed on Zolpidem.
2015: started Venlafaxine 225mg prolonged release after crashing from stopping Duloxetine.
2021, 5th March: Venlafaxine crash from withdrawal begins (from 225mg to 37.5mg in 6 weeks then cold turkey by doctor’s advice).

2021 July: started taking 5HTP, GABA, LTheanine, LTaurine, multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium, holy basil and lithium Orotate, following Julia Ross’.
2021 August: doctor put me on beta blockers 40mg twice a day as I refuse to touch any psych medication. Currently tapering from 10mg.

September: hospitalised.

2021, 8th October: Mirtrazapine 15mg

2021, 18th October: Mirtrazapine to 30mg

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