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Covid depression question


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Has anyone gone through Covid while in withdrawals. Kind of hurting right now and was hoping to get some help or support how long this depression after Covid can last. My biggest fear is can this be permanent? The real me? The intrusive thoughts are just terrible and fear provoking. I hope I posted this correctly. Thank you 

1993 started 20mg Prozac.

2008 switched to 10mg of lexapro.

2015 added 50mg of Wellbutrin. Between 2015 and 2020 raised and lowered dosage of both. 2021 moved to Zoloft for one month then back to lexapro for one month. Then switched to 60mg cymbalta for four months. Then Basically cold turkeyed off cymbalta in two weeks using Prozac as a crossover med to reduce withdrawals. Not good. Then had Nortriptylene added to Prozac. Was on 20mg Prozac and 50mg of Nortriptylene for four months. Then did a four month ween off Nortriptylene. To date have been off cymbalta for approximately 11 months and Nortriptylene 7 weeks.  Presently taking 12.5 mg Prozac. Also taking 10 mg of bystolic for BLood Pressure. I’m not sure how the Prozac makes me feel. It does nothing to make me feel not sad and anxious at times. I finally figured out the meds are not what I need. What I need is to get off the 12.5mg of Prozac and continue to work on my stuff. Any help is deeply appreciated thank you. Reduced from 12.5 to 10 then from 10 to 7.5. Too much of a drop. Bought a scale and went to 9. Stabilized and went to 8.2 oct 1, 2022. Just got hit with wicked low mood, high anxiety, fatigue, chills. The anxiety is high in the AM and  lessons throughout the day. Hoping to stabilize soon 

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