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I'm an Empath - My environment and those around me greatly effects how I feel


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I honestly believe that a lot of people that were diagnosed with depression are just empaths like me.


I have an innate ability to know deep information and emotions people are experience just by being around them. I can completely feel the energy they are projecting. It becomes my energy if I'm not careful to protect myself against it. I spent most of my life going around taking on the energy of those around me. Thinking this was my negative energy. Then I would become a recluse to recover from this experience. During this reclusive period people tried to tell me I was depressed and anti-social. I was depressed from feeling the depressing energy of those around me. I'm not trying to say that it's other people's fault that I'm sad. I just didn't realize that all these negative thoughts were coming from a lot of the people that were around me. 


I now perform a check on every emotion I'm feeling to see if it's originating from my core or if its coming from outside of myself. This has been life changing. I still have bad/sad days, but at least I know they are truly mine and I can then decipher that emotion and deal with it.



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Hi. I'm also an Empath and can relate to everything you wrote about. I've always been super sensitive to others' emotions, thoughts and energy, which can often be very draining. I know it contributes to my depression.


I spend a lot of my time in solitude because I find it peaceful to be alone, in nature or with animals. I also meditate and read which helps too.


Do you know of Dr. Orloff? She wrote The Empaths Survival Guide.


Nice to meet you here :)

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Thanks for starting this thread.  I was labeled with ocd as a kid and drugged since then.  Before the drugs I was taking on all the anxiety of my parents.  I’ve never thought about trying to differentiate what is mine and what is other peoples until right now so thank you. I was never given the chance until now.

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