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Psych meds and sleep apnea


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As you all know, I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and know other people who have taken psych meds who have the same condition. Just as an FYI, because of a strong family history, I might developed it whether I took psych meds or not. But I wonder whether taking them either pushed me in that direction.


Anyway, I have the book, Sound Mind, Sound Sleep, by Dr. Barry Krakow, a sleep medicine physician, who I think highly of. In rereading this book, a section he wrote about the high rates of sleep breathing disorders in mental health patients caught my attention. He has done alot of research in this area.


Unfortunately, I can't provide a link so I am going to do my best to paraphrase what he said. Essentially, he said that many mental health patients have suffered sleeplessness for many years. He then went on to say that this will cause you to spend too much time in lighter sleep which is where breathing is susceptible to disruptions from SDB issues which are apneas, hypopneas and UARS events.


Since psych meds are known to cause sleep disruptions big time, his explanation would make sense why people who have been on them for awhile might develop apnea or have their condition worsen.


Again, sorry for not being able to provide links which I desperately tried to find. I has also hoped this particular section would be highlighted in google book reviews but no such luck.


Thoughts? Comments?




PS - Found the link after writing this post. Sorry about that



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Makes sense to me. Antidepressants screwing up sleep probably causes a lot of dominoes to fall.

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Perfect sense, CS.


Sadly, many docs still use SSRIs to treat sleep problems which are thought to be a symptom of depression.


A vicious circle.

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Yup.. and benzos screw up sleep tooo. Benzos screw up slow wave sleep.

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