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Red Spots


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I have noticed small clusters of red spots show up. They usually show up and then disappear in a few days, but one set showed up that hasn't gone away for over a month. And it looks like it might be growing and I'm trying not to freak out about it. I've seen other people talk about red spots but I wanted to know if anyone has had a cluster of red spots show up and stay for weeks or months, or if they're appeared to get worse without going away. I would go to a doctor but all they would do is test my blood, which is fine, and tell me they don't know or try to run other tests that would freak me out. I know it's from the dysuatonomia (POTS in particular) from this condition, but it still scares me that it's not going away and might even be getting worse. Any experiences in this area would be super appreciated. Thank you.

2005 On Zoloft 150 mg

2016 Buspirone 50 mg

2017 Off Zoloft 150 mg

2017-18 Lexapro 15 mg

2018-2019 Effexor 50 mg

2019 Lamictal (50 mg), Gabapentin (1800 mg), Propranolol (2-3 mg)

2019-2020 Taper off Lamictal, Gabapentin, Buspirone, Propranolol 

2020 Prozac (10 mg), Clonidine (.1 mg ER)

2021 Fast Prozac taper

Fish oil, Magnesium, activated B complex


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