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Daily Mail Article 4/22/24: Benzo ADR then "treated" with Antidepresssants


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One woman's harrowing ordeal with being prescribed a benzo for tinnitus, which led to an adverse reaction.  Then, doctors tried to "treat" her with antidepressants, which triggered akathisia.  Read her account here:



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Disclaimer:  This is not professional medical advice but is based on personal experience only.

1994 - 2017:  Prozac, Cymbalta, Celexa, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Seroquel, Buspar, Lorazepam, Xanax, Ambien

2005-present:  Trazodone 50 mg 

2017:  Effexor XR 37.5 >> 75 mg 

2020 (March):  Began 10% monthly taper of Effexor XR (got down to 12 mg)

2021 (September):  Completely crashed.  Went back up to 37.5 mg but in doing so I kindled myself

2024:  1/1:  35.6 mg (-6 beads)  |  2/1:  33.8 mg (-11 beads)  |  3/1:  32.1 mg (-16 beads)  |   4/1:  (-18 beads)  |   5/1:  (-21 beads)

Reasons for starting psych meds:  PMDD/Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Other medications:  Levothyroxine 75 mcg

Supplements:  Dr. Berg's Electrolyte Powder on occasion   


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  • Catina7 changed the title to Daily Mail Article 4/22/24: Ruined by Benzo then "treated" with Antidepresssants

Her story and mine are so so similar… So glad that Emma is getting the word out and using her voice for good through the hell.

We need all the people speaking out possible so that this all gets so much more attention so people don’t end up getting aka, it is life-threatening and unimaginable torture.


share the article to family and friends and ask them to share it as well with their medical providers.

Most importantly, Dr.  Dr. Horowitz’s new Maudsley prescribing guidelines manual with everyone, you can friends, family, and medical providers, and pharmacist.


Prior to March 2020 - no meds in 37yr life., no anx or dep.

mar’20- hospital with Covid like sym- panic attack- adverse reaction to ceftriaxone AB-rash and tongue swelling

Never was covid, likely stomach bug

Apr ‘20- told see psychiatrist after hospital(didn’t know one panic attack shouldn’t) .75mg K and 5mg Lex

May ‘20- switched to 25mg Sertraline  mid June ‘20- .75-.625mg K by psych in week spiraled ended up in ER; 10mg Trazodone for sleep, tapered over 2wks

july’20- Sert taper 25mg-18mg - aka terrible didnt know what it was ;Dr change to 5mg Prozac- aug’20-tapered 5mg Proz next 4 weeks, 1/4 pill a week.

Aug’20- Sept 5mg ambien tapered off over a month in Sept 2020. 12mg Seroquel given and immediately tapered over 3ks in Oct 20. Jan ‘21- 2wks 10mg  Elavil for sleep; eye issues so CTd per Dr- 6wk Wd.

Mar’21- slow K taper .635mg to .005mg-Aug’23 ;may’22 drop .01mg/mo the last .16mg- severe acute, akathisia,in dark closet for 10 wks -eyes severe any light aka worse. beta blockers once -worse, spec clonidine-severe reaction. Severe SI and attempt - Psych hospitals Nov/Dec23- multiple meds one off, Depakote 10 days 250mg, ECt twice ugh muscle relaxer ketamine and propofol

12/2/23- psych hosp 7.5mg Mirtazapine for severe aka, myoclonic jolts, eye issues and no benefit . 12/10- forced 15mg 5 days, 7.5 since 12/15/23 .home 12/18. covid + 12/22/23. Neg 12/30. hell on mirt adverse effects(severe RLS, aka worse,brain racing/swirling, eye flashing, jolts) after dose

Comp liq early Feb; 6.1mg 5/10/24

Severe neuro issues, aka on and off

100+ symptoms thru K taper and on

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  • Catina7 changed the title to Daily Mail Article 4/22/24: Benzo ADR then "treated" with Antidepresssants
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