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Eleanor Stein's Neuroplasticity for brain retraining


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I just came across Eleanor Stein's neuroplasticity approach. I have *not* seen any references to withdrawal but she mentions Pain (which some of us have), Environmental Sensitivities (which many of us have), Long COVID, ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia (all of which I suspect are related to drug withdrawal symptoms and PAWS).


There's a description of her approach here: https://www.eleanorsteinmd.ca/blog/what-is-neuroplasticity-and-how-does-it-work

and an assessment to see if you have the kind of pain she deals with: https://www.eleanorsteinmd.ca/neuroplastic-pain-assessment


She's giving a free talk and Q/A on 17th May https://momence.com/Nourish-Therapeutic-Yoga/Paths-to-Wellness%3A-Two-Holistic-Approaches-for-Chronic-Complex-Conditions/101497922?syclid=cop908sh33ns73epma3g


and there's a 55-minute youtube interview with her here :


Disclaimer: I don't know anything more about her work than I've said above. There's a fee to attend her courses.

  • 1995-present: on and off various antidepressants, and many changes in dose. Never tapered properly
  • 2012-present: citalopram. Steady dose of 27.5mg since July 2020
  • 2020: pregabalin for 2 months. Very bad withdrawal.
  • Current daily medications: 27.5mg citalopram. 1mg melatonin, 4mg doxazosin, 300mg docusate.
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