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Brenny: Lexapro Use During Pregnancy

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My daughter is pregnant and just starting her second trimester. She is continuing to take Lexapro because she was told it is safe. I have heard concerning evidence that it is not. She's also taking Unisom for unrelenting nausea, and vomiting about once daily. Her mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and she didn't seem very upset about it. I attribute this to the numbing effects of the medicine. However, this is still a very fragile time to deal with whether or not she should taper off the Lexapro now. Has anyone here had experience with this, and if so, was the baby ok? Should she try to taper now?

Thanks so much.

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Welcome @Brenny


We aren’t medical professionals here, so we can’t give advice as to whether to taper during pregnancy or not. Yes, these medications can definitely numb our emotions, it’s called anhedonia. 

If you want to see how others on here dealt with pregnancy and these medications, just put the word pregnancy into the search bar, and you’ll see a bunch of threads of different ones in the same situation. Feel free to go onto their threads and have a chat. 


Could you please put your in your daughter’s drug signature, thank you. The last thread on the home page will show you how to do this. We usually like the actual person on the medication to start their own thread, but feel free to interact on here and ask questions. 

Sending hugs🤗

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