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Just joined on May 11th -- retiredtoosoon


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Hello there, just got on this site.

Been effexor free for three months on Friday. Am feeling great during the day, but it's the night times that are still not great.

nothing I can't handle, but wish I could sleep through the night without waking up 6 times. If I take Benedryl, that helps but don't want to take anything if I can just exercise more and hope this will eventually get me into a pattern.

Question: Has anyone found that their blood pressure has risen since being on Effexor? Have always had low blood pressure and now its in the 140's over 90. That's high. Hope it goes down.

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Hello, rts! Welcome. Thanks for adding your voice and questions to the site.


The stress of withdrawal can cause changes in blood pressure. I always had normal blood pressure before withdrawal; afterward I had high blood pressure for quite a while. It is now normal.


For me, acupuncture helped a great deal to regulate heart rate and blood pressure. It might also calm your system down enough so you can sleep better.


Exercise is also helpful in recovering from withdrawal, but don't overdo it.


For a lot of people, Benadryl works fine for sleep. It is known to go paradoxical after a while, sometimes years, of frequent use, which means instead of helping you sleep it keeps you awake.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Hey Girl. YES!!! My blood pressure has always been low but it definatley has gone up. I sometimes can feel the pounding in my ears as well as my abdomen.

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Welcome, rts! How are you doing?

1996-97 - Paxil x 9 months, tapered, suffered 8 months withdrawal but didn't know it was withdrawal, so...

1998-2001 - Zoloft, tapered, again unwittingly went into withdrawal, so...

2002-03 - Paxil x 20 months, developed severe headaches, so...

Sep 03 - May 05 - Paxil taper took 20 months, severe physical, moderate psychological symptoms

Sep 03 - Jun 05 - took Prozac to help with Paxil taper - not recommended

Jul 05 to date - post-taper, severe psychological, moderate physical symptoms, improving very slowly

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