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Elements of Self-Destruction (new book worth checking out) http://wp.me/p5nnb-8EP


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By Brent Potter PhD – Director of the R.D. Laing Institute


"I hope to point out the ways in which we are all `in the soup', as it were. We

all suffer the madness of our times. Who is deemed `mentally ill' and who is

`normal' is really a matter of who is making the decision and within what

context. Our level of neurosis, or sociosis, as J.H. van den Berg aptly called

it, is really just a matter of degree, but not kind. In providing clarity of

contexts to the elements of destructiveness, I present some ways out of our

private and shared madness."


Elements of Self-Destruction

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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