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How To Be Succesful


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Regardless of your tapering method there are a variety of other factors that will allow us/ prevent us from being succesful.


If we micro manage our taper and ruminate and worry about the effect of each drop we are preparing ourselves only for failure. Our minds should be turned to observation mode only and not looking into the future. We should neither be living in the future or wanting it to hurry so that we can be rid of this withdrawal experience. We should be only in the present moment.


If we are obsessively reading forums dwelling on the state of ourselves and others experiencing withdrawal we are spending precious energy that could be spent elsewhere.


Being at the front end of my taper my goals are to:


meditate, on the love that I have for my family, friends wife and baby. Oxytocin is said to be one o the most supportive neuropeptudes that supports the most significant behavioral and cognitive change. To encourage this plastic change I will encourage this to flood the brain like a firehose.


Exercise: I don't see how it is possible to change the mechanics of the mind without being deeply focused on the body.


Nutrition: we must create the conditions for mental and emotional success. Giving in to foods that spike our dopamine easily eg stimulants will only keep us from having an authentic conscious experience. If we are trying to change the way our brain works then we must observe it, and we should not disrupt this ability to observe with stimulants.


Encourage ourselves: making use of neurologistic programming embrace as many affirmations as possible. What we tell ourselves will 'become true'. Avoid worry as it only serves to be a negative incantation.


Give yourself permission to feel this way. If we are having wd symptoms then be compassionate with yourself recognizing that although this sensation isn't pleasurable it is the beginning of finding that authentic experience. I don't mind suffering from depression at all so long as I know that this is the result of my brains function independant of psych meds. All I am aiming for us an authentic experience.


I will add more and edit this post as time goes on. My intention is to spend very little time here but wanted to put these ideas down to share and add to them some day.

2008 Feb- 1MG Ativan As Needed

2010 Tolerance Withdrawal to Ativan begins. Source unrecognized.

2011 Fall Began Attempting to Come off Ativan 1 week taper as advised by doctor. Increase to 1mg Daily.

2012 January nervous breakdown symptoms. Source unrecognized. Withdrawal symptoms.

2012 May stopped Ativan cold turkey. Severe wd symptoms occurred by end of month.

2012 July 21st 50MG of Pristiq

2013 February 5 week increase to 100MG

2013 March tapered down from 100MG to 50MG in 2 weeks.

2013 March 27th first day of alternate day taper of 50mg to 0mg.

2013 March 13th first 2

2013 April 26th first 3

2013 May 1 first 4-day

2013 May 18th Last 50MG of Pristiq. Ever. Entirely drug free.

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