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I present myself as the “empowered patient” on this blog for a reason. I advocate for many who are being harmed and need to learn how to advocate for themselves. The reason I do it well, however, is because I was a mental health professional for so many years. That means I know how professionals think and I know what and how much it takes to become empowered as a patient. The result of this for me, and it’s very sad really, is that I continue to be treated like a patient by far too many of my colleagues. It’s really very depressing that there is such a thing…”being treated like a patient,” that is. But it’s really clear when one is approached with that undeniable sort of sickly sweet condescension or alternately, complete dismissal when I’m presenting with my “patient” hat on. I am never treated this way if I do not disclose my personal history and only refer to myself as having professional experience.


To be clear this isn’t about the issue of how I’m personally treated anymore…not at all…it’s really about the fact that this sort of dismissal and treatment happens at all and to so many others and how to stop it from happening to those still subject to the care of such systems. I have found myself able to largely avoid entering such relationships at all anymore.


And that is why it’s very likely I will never again work in the system, too. I will work from outside for change as I do now, though I’m sure as my physical well-being improves it will begin to manifest differently. I don’t want to do this blog forever! And I’m happy to know and network with so many enlightened folks both professionals and lay people who understand the problems with the system and treat all involved parties as equals.


We need people working for change everywhere. I actually greatly admire those who understand how badly broken the system is and work in it anyway. The reason being that those few lovely honest souls who really get it and who still choose to be in the system can be a small beacon of light for people who are otherwise subjected to trauma everywhere they turn. I found those sorts of folks my life savers, both when I was a patient and then also when I was a professional. I can’t work in there again, but I am grateful to those who manage because I know that they can truly help people and make an important difference.


(read more here) (there is much more to the post, but too many links to transfer over to here)

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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