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Rosebud Withdrawal from Aropax (Paxil)


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When you withdraw from Aropax (Paxil) and depression comes back, can you tell if it is withdrawal or just the depression returning



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Hi Rosebud


Welcome to the forums here, generally, if you withdraw too fast and you feel depression coming back, it most likely is withdrawal, but this is where it gets tricky to know the difference. Quite often if you reinstate the drug, or up dose a little bit, if the depression clears quite rapidly, it most likely is withdrawal. The best way to mitigate against this happening is to taper really slowly using the 10% method, here's a link to a discussion in the tapering forum about tapering Paxil:




Perhaps if you could tell us more about yourself and your withdrawal we'll be able to help you more, here's a link to putting a withdrawal history in your signature:





*** Please note this is not medical advice,discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner***

Original drug was sertraline/Zoloft, switched to Prozac in 2007.
Tapering from 5mls liquid prozac since Feb 2008, got down to 0.85ml 23/09/2012, reinstated back to 1ml(4mg) 07/11/2012, didn't appear to work, upped to 1.05ml 17/11/2012, back down to 1ml 12/12/2012 didn't work, up to 1.30ml 16/3/2013 didn't work, bumped up to 2ml (8mg) 4/4/2013 didn't work, in July 2013 I reinstated Sertraline (Zoloft) 50mg, feeling better now. 

A few months down the line I switched to 5ml liquid Prozac and tapered down to a compromise dose of 3ml liquid Prozac and have stayed there ever since, no withdrawals and no emotional blunting/loss of libido.


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