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The video that proves SSRIs can cause suicide & murder.


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An essential video of a court hearing that happened that officially lets the cat out of the bag about how Eli Lilly hid the negative results of pre test results on Prozac. The hearing was related to how american solders had flipped out as a direct result of using SSRI type medications.

It also explains how these type of 'medications' are causing people to commit suicide, murder other people. Dr.Breggin is a Psychiatrist who's published many books on the bad aspects of psychiatric drug use & has a site that is also essential reading for anyone interested in the subject www.breggin.com

A must for anyone who hasn't already seen it.. enjoy (20mins)



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Thanks for this, Dr. Breggin is a very dedicated fellow.It seems like we owe much of the official acknowledgement of anti-depressant related issues to his him and his research.  As limited as this acknowledgement is, it's much better than nothing.  

3 Years 150 mgs Effexor

2 month taper down to zero

3 terrible weeks at zero

Back up to 75 mgs

2 months at 75

6 or so months back to regular dose of 150 - was able to restabilize fine.

3 month taper back to zero

1 HORRENDOUS week at zero

2 days back up to 37.5

3 days back up to 75

One week at 150 - unable to stabilize.

Back down to 75 mgs

At 75 mgs (half original dose) and suffering withdrawal symptoms since October 2012.


"It is a radical cure for all pessimism to become ill, to remain ill for a good while, and then grow well for a still longer period." - Nietzsche

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I've tried contacting Dr Breggin &/or his staff, even invited him to join my FB page that I named after his book of the same name.. so far no reply or acknowledgement.. thats ok as I'm sure he's a very busy man, I just hope no one related to his efforts tries to contact me about copyright issues about using his book name & logo :P though I have to say, that's the least of my concerns and I'm openly promoting him, his books, site, the cause ect for free haha

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