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Comment on CDC findings: 48% of Americans take medications


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CDC finds 74% of doctor's visits result in a prescription; 48% of Americans are taking medications. Many people are taking antidepressants for no good medical reason. 20% of depressed are helped by antidepressants, 80% are not. Only the most severely depressed see significant benefit, and of those, only 1 out of 4 respond to medication. It's all profitable for the drug industry, according to Dr. John Abramson, author of "Overdosed America."


Are Americans Overmedicated?


May 31, 2011 CNN.com


Dr. John Abramson, author of "Overdosed America," talks about the over reliance on prescriptions drugs in the U.S.



This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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Good man John! That's my boy! I was so impressed with his investigative work in his book OVERDOSED AMERICA (it's MUST READING for every American, of course), and I'm equally impressed with everything he was able to cover in this brief interview. Of course, I was particularly pleased he covered antidepressants. And I also loved how he pointed out that the new drugs aren't necessarily any better than the old ones! That will fly in the face of many Americans who buy the cultural lie that science/technology leads to limitless linear progress, which is such a sentiment of the times and which ENABLES drug companies to keep gouging patients with outrageous brand-name drug prices.


Go John Go!

Been on SSRIs since 1998:

1998-2005: Paxil in varying doses

2005-present: Lexapro.

2006-early '08: Effexor AND Lexapro! Good thing I got off the Effexor rather quickly (within a year).







Currently tapering Lexapro ~10% every month:



11/7/10: 13.5 mg

12/7/10: 12.2 mg

1/6/11: 10.9 mg

2/3/11: 9.8 mg

3/3/11: 8.8 mg

4/1/11: 7.8 mg

4/29/11: 7 mg

5/27/11: 6.4 mg

6/24/11: 5.7 mg

7/22/11: 5 mg

8/18/11: 4.5 mg

9/14/11: 4 mg

10/13/11: 3.6 mg

11/9/11: 3.2 mg

12/7/11: 2.6 mg

1/3/12: 2.1 mg

2/2/12: 1.8 mg

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Forgive me my bolding the Obvious-Obvious, but I couldn't help myself.


It's all profitable for the drug industry, according to Dr. John Abramson, author of "Overdosed America."

2000-2008 Paxil for a situational depression

2008 - Paxil c/t

Severe protracted WD syndrome ever since; improving



“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once”

Albert Einstein


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Surviving Antidepressants ;)


And, above all, ... keep walking. Just keep walking.

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