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Why judgement, while being useful, is also very harmful


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Every thing is unique and real. Every thing is marvelously unique.  Just look in the details.


Judgement implies a qualification. When you judge, you qualify (as good, bad, beautiful, etc, etc)

Qualification is not real. It is the application of an abstract quality to something which is real. The quality exists. But it is not real. The characteristic of reality is achieved by the material or at least energetic manifestation of something..

What is abstraction? Reality lies in existence, in expression. Reality is. Abstraction lies in qualification and its application to reality.Reality is the experienced expression of things. Abstraction is the qualified expression of things.

Abstraction is based on concepts.

What is a concept? It is not an idea nor a theory. A concept can not emerge if it is not represented by at least two things. You cannot  identify one concept in just one thing, you need at least two, because you need to find it in different places to extract it from them. Concept, basically is that. It is the expression of something pure enough to be extracted and found in different things, In other words, to be applicable, that is to say, general enough in its form to fit different manifestations. Concept needs and is plurality of application.

It entails a loss. To isolate what is in common, you have to cut off what is particular. Thus concept partly negates what is.


Judgement uses qualification which uses concepts.

Concepts partly negate what isThus judgement partly negates what is (in a huge way). In other words, judgement is an illusion.Now, is that a problem? It is a matter of perspective. Judgement can be very useful. It is even necessary to steer on's life. But when you judge, do it lucidly, know that it is nothing absolute nor real, just something useful. Judge only when it can be useful to you.

Judgement negates reality and consequently separate you from it, when you can only know profound and invulnerable well-being when you are among what is, just like in meditation.

True meditation is not a workout. It is a stance, an attitude of every second. It is a style of being. The healthiest, which can bestow on you true power and true love.











First AD -sertraline- in 2007at the age of 13 because of child abuse

2009-2013: intricate story of multiple wds, meds and cts, gradually became a living mess

Feb 2013: last CT from a cocktail of four drugs, symptoms are relenting but witness a constant sharpening of the brain


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