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Rebel yourself


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Rebel yourself. Rebel yourself against the false God. God is not what religions have depicted in a personal or impersonal way. This is a sado-masochistic idol that has done damages enough. Conquer your highness. Conquer your divinity, for you are god. Free yourself. Become yourself. You are God. A God that has been led to believe he/she was small and unworthy and to use his/her power to limit oneself. Stop accepting being desecrated. Stop desecrating yourself. Stop keeping it low. You are Love. You are Power.


Your divinity that is losing itself, the world needs it.


First AD -sertraline- in 2007at the age of 13 because of child abuse

2009-2013: intricate story of multiple wds, meds and cts, gradually became a living mess

Feb 2013: last CT from a cocktail of four drugs, symptoms are relenting but witness a constant sharpening of the brain


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