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Why most psychiatrists aren't real doctors


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In light of my horrific situation in being intolerant of the pap therapy I so desperately need, I was wondering if I had been diagnosed with apena when I was on the meds, if I might have had an easier time staying asleep on the machine which also might have made withdrawal alot easier.  Of course, it wasn't as well known in 2006 as it is now.


And I seriously doubt that even psych patients who out of the blue develop sleeping issues currently are referred back to their doctors for a sleep evaluation.  Once you have the MI label, everything is seen throught that lens.  As a result, psychiatrists don't really function as real doctors.





Drug cocktail 1995 - 2010
Started taper of Adderall, Wellbutrin XL, Remeron, and Doxepin in 2006
Finished taper on June 10, 2010

Temazepam on a PRN basis approximately twice a month - 2014 to 2016

Beginning in 2017 - Consumption increased to about two times per week

April 2017 - Increased to taking it full time for insomnia

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Regret to hear the suffering you are experiencing  with the sleep apnea.


A friend of mine also has the same condition and remedied it by stuffing tennis balls into the back of his t shirt to ensure he stayed on his side during the night as It was when he slept on his back he experienced it.

2013-July 1st Citalopram 20mg ()

2013-August 19th ended Citalopram cold turkey

med free.  (Took them for 7 weeks)


When I was a child, I spoke as a child,

I understood as a child, I thought as a child;

But when I became a man,

I put my childish things away.


- 1 Corinthians 13:11


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