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The 10 year old on Ritalin and Prozac who killed himself


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Child victims of the chemical cosh: Boy who killed himself after taking Ritalin


Harry Hucknell's father Darren blames his death on two ‘mind-altering’ drugs that his son had been prescribed by a psychiatrist to cure his boisterous behaviour.


Full Story:


Used SSRI's for mostly 8 years.

Tapered over the course of approx. one year.

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Terrible, how is it possible that those butchers can poison children with their designer drugs? They really should be exiled to an uninhabitated island with nothing to eat but their own drugs...

There have been so maby actions already, but nothing appears to help in waking the authorities. I hope that the Internet and sites like SA will help in educating people and finally make the witch-hunting pseudoscience called psychiatry something of the past... but it will take enormous efforts to achieve this!

10 mg Paxil/Seroxat since 2002
several attempts to quit since 2004
Quit c/t again Oktober 2007, in protracted w/d since then
after 3.5 years slight improvement but still on the road

after 6 years pretty much recovered but still some nasty residual sypmtons
after 8.5 years working again on a 90% base and basically functioning normally again!


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