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happywaterfall Hi there, I'm Lynn from Kansas City


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Hi! I started weanning myself off an original dose of 37.5 tab venlafaxine in August. My doctor really cares and is super nice, but had never run into a patient with my problems. Since September 19 I have been stuck on a dose of 1/4 a 25 mg tablet every other day.  I am still constantly experiencing withdrawal symptoms, so I'm not ready to reduce it again. It is very important that I get off the venlafaxine not only because it turned me into a zombie, but because I have been diagnosed with a serious heart condition called Long QT Syndrome, and taking venlafaxine can make it worse. So, after having read The Antidepressant Solution by Joseph Glenmullen, I am ready to take things into my own hands.

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Hi Lynn! Welcome here.. I wish you good luck in your jorney and it sounds good that your doctor care , ive met bad doctors in my past so i dont have so good experience from em :(

Im sorry you have to go thru the withdraws , just take it easy when you reduce your dose, i reduced my ssri over a very long time.. even thowithdraws hit me really bad :( but its safer to reduce in very slow way .


i got interested in your book you mentioned here, what is it about,


take care , / Bella

2007 - 2013: was on citalopram (tried to quit a few times, never worked, always went back on. max dose 40mg)

2012-2013: was tapering my citalopram all down to 2,5 mg then quit.
2013/aug: Took  my last pill 

W/D hit me bad after a few weeks off my medicine.

2014/August: 12 months off (much improved)

2015/April: 20months off. ( much improved, still some symtoms comes in waves, but not so intense.)

2015/june: 22months off. FELT different than before, all shakings suddenly stopped, feel much better. a fantastic feeling!

2016/Feb : 2 years and 6 months off, END of my suffering. I feel perfectly fine and back to normal. 
2018/Oct: Iam still feeling great. It is hard to believe my own story when I read back, what I went through!




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Welcome, happywaterfall.


Yes, psychiatric drugs are notorious for interfering with the QT interval.


Please do NOT skip or alternate doses, particularly with a short-acting drug such as Effexor. This can trigger severe withdrawal symptoms. You may find if you take 3.125mg daily (1/8 a 25 mg tablet), your withdrawal symptoms are relieved. (Over 2 days, this amounts to 6.25mg or 1/4 a 25 mg tablet.)


You can make a liquid from regular Effexor to do this. Here are tips for tapering Effexor http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/272-tips-for-tapering-off-effexor-and-effexor-xr-venlafaxine/

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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