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An Interesting Poll Question


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It has been well researched and concluded that a child in utero of a mother that is producing stress hormones/chemicals or a child that has a stressful life before the age of about 20 will have permanent alterations to the CNS and the GABA system. This can be negative stress called distress or positive stress called eustress (like too many activities or pressure to succeed).


I am sure there are wide variations on the amount of alterations and many be partially genetic and not only the amount of stress.


I saw this in feral cats when we did research on them when I was in school.


I know in anxiety disorder research more than 90% of patients surveyed had this background. Would be interesting to know how many of us fit this profile.


Even way before psyche drugs I self-calmed way slower than my wife and should have respected the wounded nervous system I grew up with. I also know that after benzo withdrawal I was never able to handle the stress I could before benzos...now after the AD I can't take any stress without a major reaction.

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