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Does car smog affect the brain?


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A couple months ago my food sensitivity got much worse. I used to be able to eat alot of different foods almost everyday and in bigger amounts but now I can't anymore. I have to wait a couple days to eat it again. eating it often now sets back my brain recovery making my mental problem worse. my sleep also became disrupted, I wake up multiple times during my sleep everyday.

so something affected my brain negatively that caused this but I'm not sure what caused it. I used to eat alot of white rice everyday which causes high blood sugar but I ate it everyday the past 5 years of my recovery and it didn't make my brain more sensitive to food nor disrupt my sleep all those years...

I moved to a new city and here I inhaled car smog/gas everyday for a year and then the food sensitivity got worse and sleep became disrupted. but I'm not sure if this is really the cause because I stopped eating white rice and now some of the food sensitivity went away but my sleep is still disrupted.


Does anyone have any idea what affected my brain negatively like this? does car smog affect the brain? whenever I inhale it I immediately exhale it forcefully a few times, does that get it all out immediately?

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I'm not sure anyone can answer your questions, Exie.  Little is known about the after-effects of taking antidepressants and even less about the effects of pollution on the mind.


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