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krsz1026 Withdrawal from Zoloft and Wellbutrin


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Hi: I'm working with a progressive Dr. to get off of long-term antidepressants. I took Zoloft for the best part of 13-14 years and Wellbutrin with it for the past 4. I can't say they didn't help me because they helped tremendously but I decided I didn't want to be hooked for life/ wanted to take control of my health, so I started to taper in April 2013. I've been off of both since July 2013. Things were ok for the 1st 2 months and then everything went to hell. I've had crippling insomnia for the past 5 months and pretty bad depression.  Wild mood swings, crying ALOT, feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, anxiety etc. I never got any of the more common WD like zaps, headaches, stomach problems etc. I'm wondering whether I'm in WD or relapse? I wanted this to work more than anything but I'm considering reinstating b/c I'm desperate. I have a professional job and 2 young children and I'm not functioning well.  I haven't been this depressed in over 10 years. I've tried every supplement my Dr. has recommended (dozens), have used Cranial Electrostimulation Therapy for 2 months, CBT for insomnia, meditation and psychotherapy. I'm getting worse not better.  I've quit CT twice and tapered slowly once and the result has been the same. Fine for 2 months and then slide into insomnia and depression.  I don't know what to do. Since you have to sleep eventually, my Dr. prescribed my some sleeping pills and told me to vary them to avoid dependency (Sonata, Clonopin and Valium). The only thing that really helps me sleep is 1 and 1/2 clonopin. I've been taking the sleep aids for at least 3 months and I don't sleep AT ALL when I don't take them.  Any advice on the what's the best of 2 evils? Go back on antidepressants or take clonopin every night and hope that depression eventually starts to lift? Any advice would be appreciated.  









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I'm sorry that you're feeling so badly.  Your symptoms are typical of antidepressant withdrawal and going off your drugs over a mere four months is far too fast. Please see this topic: Why Taper By 10% of My Dosage


How long have you been completely off of the antidepressants?  You mention trying reinstating, cold turkey, and a "slow" taper in addition to being off both Zoloft ad Wellbutrin since last July so I'm not clear on your timeline. In fact, it would be a big help if you could add your psychiatric drug history to your signature so that anyone reading your posts can get a good idea of your situation.  Here's how:  How To Add Your Drug History To Your Signature


Reinstatement may or may not help at this point.  Once we have a better idea of your situation we may be able to offer some suggestions for getting through this as painlessly as possible.


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