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Ecstatic dance: trance and movement for healing and transformation http://wp.me/p5nnb-aJI


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I’ve gone to several 5 Rhythms Waves now. They are the most joyous and wonderful moments of my life right now as I continue to rehabilitate. When one surrenders to the energy of these waves one is swept away in the energy of the room, dancing from this trance state is a miracle every time as your body leads the way doing things you didn’t even know it could do.

Moving in many different ways has become and will remain a foundational aspect of becoming well for me. I do yoga, I walk, I dance, I garden, I do qi gong and I am mindfully present with the movements of my body when I do just about everything. Even when I do the dishes, laundry or any other household chores. Becoming conscious of our incredibly lovely animal bodies can be a deep and profound joy.


A joyous and ecstatic form of movement meditation...one of these waves stays with me all week...as if I received an information download of sorts during the dance that is then processed later...healing at every turn...

I can feel both dance and music changing and healing my brain’s neurons. Seriously. We can change our brains and I’m doing it. Neuroplasticity.


I bought Endless Wave, by Gabriel Roth quite a while back and it’s a wonderfully powerful intro to this sort of moving meditation. Ecstasy is not overstating the wonder of listening to and moving your body in this attentive and meditative trance-like state.



Endless Wave has voice over…like a guided meditation through the dance movements! Then, later, you can just do your own thing in general, really to any music that calls you.


At the dance waves I go to the members put together phenomenally powerful collections of music…different every single time. Check your local area and see if there is a group that meets there.


To learn a little about Gabriel Roth visit these posts on Beyond Meds:




More posts on music, sound and dance healing:

Original post: http://wp.me/p5nnb-aJI

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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Cool.  :P

Fall 1995 xanax, zoloft. switched to Serzone

1996- spring 2003serzone/ xanax/ lightbox.

b]Fall 2003- Fall 2004? Lexapro 10 mg. Light box /4 mg. xanax.[/b]

2004 - Fall of 2009 10 mg Lex, 150 mg Wellbutrin XL % 4 mg xanax

November 2009- Sept. 2011 10 mg lex., 300 Well. XL, 4 mg Xanax [/b

Sept.2012- July 2012 20 mg Lex 300 Well. XL, 4 mg Xanax

My mantra " go slow & with the flow "

3/2/13.. Began equal dosing 5 Xs /day xanax, while simultaneously incorporating a 2.5 % drop ( from 3.5 mg/day to 3.4 mg/day)

4/6/13 dropped from 300 mg. Wellbutrin XL to 150 mg. Difficult but DONE! Down to 3.3 mg xanax/ day / 6/10/13 3 mg xanax/day; 7/15/2013 2.88mg xanax/day.

10/ 1/2013...... 2.5 mg xanax… ( switched to tablets again) WOO HOO!!!!!! Holding here… cont. with Lexapro.

1/ 2/2014.. tapered to 18mg ( by weight) of a 26 mg ( by weight) pill of 20 mg tab. lexapro. goal is 13mg (by weight OR 10 mg by ingredient content) and STOPPED. Feeling very down with unbalanced, unpredictable WD symptoms.

1/2/2014- ??? Taking a brain-healing break from tapering anything after actively tapering something for 1.5 years. So… daily doses as of 2/2/2014: 18 mg by weight Lex, 150 mg Well. XL, 2.5 mg xanax, down from 26 mg by weight Lex., 300 mg well. XL, 4 mg xanax in August, 2012. I'll take it. :) 5/8/14 started equivalent dose liquid./ tabs. 5/13/14 1.5 % cut.

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