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barely any colour in dreams


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About eight months ago, at a time of significant stress, I had an experience where I had a 'rush' of voices and felt as if loads of toxins were suddenly flooding through my head.  After that I had barely any colour in my dreams and also my ability to be able to see my dreams at all was much diminished.


I still don't really know what happened - has anyone else noticed a diminished bility to be able to visualise their dreams? 

History:- 1993: - prescribed Prozac - soon started having momentary episodes of psychosis - 1994: psychotic breakdown  - prescribed high doses of antipsychotics including Depixol, Chlorpromazine (with procyclidine to control pacing) and later prescribed olanzapine, haloperidol, risperidone with different antidepressants (relapsed or crashed each time I tried to reduce or withdraw from meds).  Can't recall all combinations of drugs have been on.   2007: amisulpride 400mg & venlafaxine 75mg    2013: Got down to 150mg amisulpride, but hospitalised with v.bad psychosis after dropping to this dose and coerced into taking 600mg (always hit problems when dropping below 200mg)  2014: reduced and then problematic symptoms of psychosis, mid-Dec - back up to 200mg,

Feb 2015 had reduced to 180.5mg crashed badly and suddenly and hospitalised : prescribed 300mg amisulpride, 10 mg aripripazole, 50 mg sertraline.  Gradually reduced to 60.75mg amisulpride and 10mg abilify only by Dec 2016.  shortly after 30/1/17 two days paranoia, held and stabilised.  made 2.5% reductions in amisulpride to get to 50mg amisulpride plus 10mg abilify.  Held for long period of time to let CNS stabilise as unable to tolerate any more reductions (from Aug 2017)   April 2018 40mg amisulpride and 10mg abilify.


Current Meds: 17.6mg amisulpride, 10mg abilify plus 2000mg metformin for type II diabetes



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