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Former president of child psychiaty association accused of molestation


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This is only one bad apple; there's no evidence that all child psychiatrists are morally challenged. Still...ewwwwww.


Competency jury splits on molest-case psychiatrist


Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer June 20, 2011


A judge has declared a mistrial in the competency case of a San Mateo child psychiatrist accused of molesting boys under the guise of giving them medical exams.


Jurors told Judge John Grandsaert of San Mateo County Superior Court on Friday that they were hopelessly deadlocked over whether William Ayres, 79, was mentally able to assist in his defense. The panel said it was split 8-4 in favor of finding him unfit to stand trial because of dementia, authorities said.


Prosecutors have not decided whether they will retry the competency issue.


Over a career that spanned four decades, Ayres saw hundreds of adolescent patients referred by the county's juvenile justice system, its court-appointed attorney program, pediatricians and social workers.


Ayres was charged with molesting seven boys in his office, but a jury deadlocked in 2009, prompting a mistrial on nine counts of lewd and lascivious conduct. Some of his ex-patients, now men in their 20s and 30s, testified against him.


Ayres' former patients described similar scenarios: Ayres would direct them to undress, then conduct a physical where he fondled them for several minutes.


....The former president of the American Academy of Adolescent and Child Psychiatry denied molesting any patients.



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