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Blog Entry on Depression by Cardiologist/Not the usual suspects


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I found this blog entry by a cardiologist regarding depression on Kevin MD.




And for obvious reasons, this exert greatly bothered me:



Even a caring father like Jim may not realize that the same type of hormone deficiency that is found in diabetes is responsible for his beloved son’s mental illness.  Physical is seen, mental hidden.

Lo and behold, Dr. Steven Reidbord, a psychiatrist, provides a correction in his first comment.


Dr. Emrani's well-intentioned plea to take depression seriously is marred by several misstatements. Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters, not hormones. It is categorically untrue that "the same type of hormone deficiency that is found in diabetes is responsible for his beloved son’s mental illness."

Dr. Emrani, the blog author, responds by justifying that the article was not meant to be scientific and the wording was justified to lessen the stigma of mental illness.   Hmm, a psychiatrist is trying to be truthful while a cardiologist is justifying the lying to the public.   Kind of ironic since it is psychiatry that has justified this type of lying.


Dr. Reidbord responds with these wonderful lines in his comment


I understand that you meant well, and of course I share your wish to lift the shame of discussing and treating mental disorders. But when a physician describes the causes of illness, the public assumes his statements are based on science. I wonder how you'd feel if I blogged that atrial fibrillation was psychosomatic, or referred vaguely to it being genetic in origin. We psychiatrists are a little sensitive about this, as non-specialists rarely make public declarations about cardiology, endocrinology, or hand surgery, whereas everyone seems to have an opinion about psychiatry.

In my opinion, the other comments seemed to sadly agree with Dr. Emrani and felt that Dr. Reidbord was being nitpicky.  I say bah hum bug and offer kudos to him for correcting this lie.

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For what's worth I sometimes use the word hormone to describe the neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters is a fancy word that sort that psychiatry hides behind to make their diagnoses seem scientific and unquestionable by lay people who are not conversant with the terms.

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They are neurohormones, a type of hormone. Dr. Reidbord is splitting hairs, but otherwise correct.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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