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believe and know… (as it pertains to the experience of psych drug withdrawal syndrome or serious illness)


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If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning. — Mahatma Gandhi




That is certainly how recovering from the heinousness of the iatrogenic injury of psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome has worked for me!! — my unrelenting determination to find a way through the maze of autonomic nervous system chaos has, indeed, brought me many gifts and continued healing…and it’s not done yet!


Certainly I’ve not believed that in every moment and in fact have at times experienced great despair when the illness had me bedbound and unable to speak, unable to even brush my teeth and experiencing acute pains and insanely strong and difficult sensations that don’t seem to properly belong in the experience of being human. And yet, something — some small thread of knowing — kept me going, always.


If you find yourself in such a hellish place know that there are many like us…making our way through. Healing and growing and learning. Keep on going. All things change. All things pass. All is transient. In general I say I do not believe anything and really that remains true. Still because of the poverty of language the word belief works here and I don’t know how to not use it and make myself clear. So please find it in your being to understand how one might not believe and believe at the same timeicon_smile.gif


I’ve found that holding contradictory “truths” is often the way forward actually.


Peace and love to all my fellow comrades who’ve found themselves in protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome.


Learning to move through protracted withdrawal has been a long process. Now it’s one I largely can appreciate in ways I certainly could not when I was suffering at its height. For documentation on some of how I did that see: Information and inspiration for the chronically ill


original post http://wp.me/s5nnb-believe

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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Inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

HISTORY: Lexapro 10mg (current and for approximately 7 years; Prozac 20mg for 5 years and Zoloft 50mg for 5 years)

Lexapro (too fast taper) 9mg 09/13; 8mg 10/13; 7mg 12/13; 6mg  02/14; 5mg  04/14; 4mg 06/14 2.5mg 08/29/14 2.25 mg 12/04/14;


Re-instatement - 2.5mg 12/17/14; 03/01/15 3.0 mg; 04/01/15 - 5mg;  05/01/15  6mg; 5/15/15 6.5mg 6/01/15 7.5mg


2nd attempt at micro taper: starting dose is 7.5mg using liquid compounded rx: 12/16/17 - 7mg;  02/05/18 - 6.75mg 04/06/18 - 6.5ml  05/31/18 re-instate back to 6.75mg 


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