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Looking for advice on therapists


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Hi everyone,


I have severe health anxiety that can be crippling at times and I'm looking to maybe address this via Skype sessions as there is no one here that fits the bill for me. Does anyone know of a reputable place to find therapists? I don't want to just arbitrarily pick one so was hoping there was a site that vetted therapists.




1995-Zoloft 100mg 

1996-Off Zoloft C/T

2000-Zoloft 100mg

2002-Off Zoloft after 50mg decrease then C/T

2006-Zoloft 50mg

2009- Off of everything except occasional Xanax as needed for anxiety

Fall 2009-Pregnant with extreme morning sickness, doc prescribed Zoloft again 50mg

Summer 2010-Zoloft and Klonopin for anxiety

Fall 2011-Quite Zoloft C/T had severe withdrawal, ended up on Lexapro

Fall 2011- Lexapro 20mg and Klonopin .5mg

May 2014-After weaning myself down to 5mg of Lexapro,I quit. I was fine for the first month 

August 4th-started back on 5mg of Lexapro, hoping to do a proper taper this time. Also on .5mg of Klonopin and .25mg of Xanax as needed.

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