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Fear is life force… (in clinical circles it’s often called anxiety)


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Fear is life force… (in clinical circles it’s often called anxiety) – also an IT GETS BETTER post


Of course, it’s not just in spiritual circles but also in psychiatric and mental health circles fear and anxiety are too often medicated away instead of worked with. It’s not easy to work with it and a lot of professionals don’t know how to hold such space for such courageous facing of the dark parts of psyche and so many people don’t learn that it’s actually possible. For those of us who’ve come off psych drugs and faced severe psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome it becomes a necessary and often heinously difficult initiation since one of the worst parts of that sort of iatrogenic injury is a terror so grave and total and complete it keeps some of us sleeping no more than one or two hours a night for up to a couple of years. It’s also accompanied by a multiplicity of other horrendous symptoms. Yes. Let me tell you that is one hell of an initiation. And while that sort of “fear” is often correctly referred to as a “neuro-emotion” in withdrawal circles because of it’s exaggerated intensity caused by the injury to the autonomic nervous system, I found that working with it as a universal receptacle of the nature of fear and terror in the human being helped me be with it and heal it in time. This exploration continues for me, but wow, has it taught me volumes. Learning to embrace my experience and surrender to it was the way through for me.


This information may not resonate or be appropriate for everyone, but it’s information that should be shared with people in mental health settings so that they might choose to delve into (or not) these body/mind mysteries if they feel so inclined. That would also entail creating safe (residential) places where people could delve deeply into these realms and perhaps not appear functional to the world for some time. That is what deep healing sometimes demands. Our culture doesn’t create such deep healing places right now. Without such deep healing places people will continue to be harmed by psych meds when perhaps, if they knew there were other ways of delving into and healing the body/mind complex they might choose those ways. The choice needs to be created. For now far too many have no choice.  See: To my friends and readers who still take psych drugs (and to everyone on and offmeds too) and Informed consent and pro-choice when it comes to drugs and medications


I am, now, grateful that I was forced onto that heinous path that psych drug withdrawal created because in the end, it was the only way for me to truly and deeply heal. The drugs weren’t just a dead end for me, they were slowly driving me downhill to my spiritual death. Getting off that ugly merry-go-round involved facing far worse in the short term but on the other side now, I see a freedom that simply wouldn’t have been possible if I’d stayed on those drugs. My experience is shared by many others. Again, if it’s not resonant for someone, that too is okay. I do not write assuming that all I say will have meaning for everyone. We are all on different paths.


The thing is if we provide such choice and also spaces to heal for people before they get injured, it wouldn’t have to be as heinous as it is for those of us who’ve dealt with severe and disabling protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal syndromes. And in fact many folks don’t even have these issues with fear and terror at all before taking these meds. The drugs are often simply agents of trauma. Let us change the way we conceive of healing issues with the body/mind/psyche. Please.


See: Life as a meditation: my contemplative adventure


Below I’m cutting and pasting a collection of posts on fear and anxiety with additional commentary: (Read the rest here >>  http://beyondmeds.com/2014/08/20/fear-is-life-force/

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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