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Even though this psychiatrist still seems pretty mainstream to me, I really like her blog as at least, it seems she is keeping on open mind about nutrition effecting mental health.




She also has a great sense of humor as evidenced by this blog entry on diet and dementia:




"Part of the reason that I'm comfortable being thought a lunatic is that I think most people secretly believe psychiatrists are lunatics anyway"


When disagreeing with the researcher's conclusions about a high fat, low carb diet being bad for dementia:


"To me, the jump in LDL (which was actually much higher than the jump in the healthy controls) could be the MCI patients way of trying to make the most of the animal fat and getting desperately needed saturated fat, fat soluble vitamins, CoQ10, and cholesterol into the besieged brain. But then, everyone knows I'm a psychiatrist so I must be a lunatic…"


"The researchers have PhDs in nutrition - I'm just a clinical psychiatrist with a hobby (oh, wait, I'm a professional nutrition writer now too! I keep forgetting that…). You decide whom you want to believe."


As an FYI, I agree with her conclusions. I think researchers are too stuck on the theory that low fat is the best diet when in many cases, it may not be.


Finally, Chris Kresser, who runs the Healthy Skeptic site and how I greatly respect is interviewing Dr. Deans in a podcast. I think that is quite unique - the combination of an alternative health specialist and a psychiatrist talking nutrition regarding mental health.




Actually, it was already recorded but just hasn't been finalized. I can hardly wait to listen it it.



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