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No reaction to fear - amygdala damage?


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We all know about apathy and emotional anesthesia here but what about the inability to be able to react to any stress, fear, or any living normal life reactors? I have come across a lady who does not fear anything and has a problem with her amygdala - a part of the brain which is responsible for fear any other reactions. It also states that mothers with this problem lose their mothering skills and tend to push their kIds away

This is what I am doing.


I use to be scared of everything! Now I don't even react to something that should make me jump or nervous.


Do you think antideoressant's could effects this part of the brain?

2008 - Doctors appointment with stress induced anxiety led to Citalopram prescription.

Severe adverse reaction

Mirtazapine prescribed - adverse reaction but told to stay on.

Poop out - December 2013


Currently on 13.5mg,

April 12mg

May 10th - 11mg

June 10th - 10mg

July 8th - 9mg

September - 0mg

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Wow..absolutely! I first noticed this in the fall of 2009 while I was on paxil + AP(forget at moment). I was crossing street with my dog & a car came at us from turning the corner. It was surreal.. it felt slow motion + crystal clear, but no sense of alarm or fear. I just calmly watched + flipped the bird at said driver. It was so physically close I could see every detail of the drivers face + feel my clothes flap in the breeze of car passing. My dog (he's the best) jumped + reacted normally while I turned to read the license plate. So bizarre and its been downhill ever since. Yes, I can absolutely see where u have the strangeness + lack of attachment with your loved ones. Talk about anhedonia, detachment, and so on. Those are the words. The reality is hell. I feel so deeply for u. I really hope we'll all be ok someday. Take care.

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