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Mad in America Film Festival Near Boston


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Hello all, Lauren Delano of Mad in America has organized a film festival in Arlington, MA starting October 9th and ending on the 12th. Here's the blurb that appears on the site:


"Mad in America’s International Film Festival will present films, speakers, panels, visual art, theater, and performance art from around the world that explore and challenge the history of psychiatry and the current mental health system. The Festival is designed to encourage us to think anew about the nature of “mental illness” and our societal forms of treatment. Driven by a commitment to human rights and social justice, this four-day event will foster dialogue about psychiatry, the mental health system, and alternatives to the current paradigm of care."


There will be 30 films, 39 speakers, a play and a musical performance. Should be a great event, and a good opportunity to build community. I will be attending while visiting my brother in Boston.


Here's the official website and Facebook page:






If anyone else plans to attend please say so here!

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I wish I was attending.  Maybe next year.


Anyway, if you are going, have a great time and give us a report if you can.



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