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Want A Lobotomy? Take Antidepressants!


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I have trouble with any theory which blames these meds on a Jewish conspiracy, especially when it seems clear that Jewish people suffer from the same neuroses, anxiety, and depression that everyone else suffers from, and that Jewish people are taking as much of these meds as anyone else. If it's a Jewish conspiracy, it's a poorly-planned one since they are poisoning themselves and their children as much as anyone else.


Rather than some elaborate Jewish conspiracy, I see the problem as being the same problem which puts high fructose corn syrup in everything we eat these days, the same problem which allows the sale of cigarettes, and the same problem which is poisoning our planet: the universal nature of greed. Our consumer society values nothing so much as it values profits and "success." Seemingly every major corporation is willing to sell our health and our future down the drain for a profit.


Every new product is marketed to create a demand. Look at something as silly as women shaving under their arms; it is a trend that was started by a razor company in order to sell razors. Women were made to feel dirty if they didn't shave under their arms and now it's just "common sense" that women shouldn't have hair under their arms. A need is manufactured to sell a product. Underarm shaving is relatively innocuous compared to antidepressants, but it's the same greed, the same marketing psychology, the same pathologizing of nature.


It's an easy thing to picture an evil empire that wants to take over the world and enslave "us." Creating an external enemy helps to unite fragmented people and fill them with purpose. Witch-hunts never seem to really target the people in control, though. I may be wrong, but I think that the truth is much messier than that. I think the truth is that humanity has a selfish streak that is tremendously short-sighted and destructive. And the pharmaceutical companies are a good case study in short-sightedness and greed.

Circa 1995 put on Paxil; Tried various meds over the years in an effort to get away from Paxil's side effects

06/29/13 Switched from 30mg Paxil to 10mg Lexapro

10/24/13 7.5mg Lexapro

12/01/13 6.25mg Lexapro

01/01/14 5mg Lexapro

03/01/14 3.75mg Lexapro

04/01/14 2.5mg Lexapro

05/01/14 1.25mg Lexapro

05/28/14 Med-Free

02/27/15 300mg Neurontin twice daily, .25mg to .50mg Xanax as needed

May 2015: 600mg Neurontin twice daily, .25mg to .50mg Xanax as needed

08/05/15: 600mg Neurontin twice daily, 30mg Paxil daily, .25mg to .50mg Xanax as needed

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This is inappropriate. Right off the bat, Israel sabotaging the Fukushima nuclear plant to attack Japan is obviously absurd.


helpless, please do not post any of this type of material again. It's not an evil conspiracy of a particular "they" group. Zang explained it very well. It's capitalism in action -- create a demand to sell a product, then duck the consequences while you count your profits.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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