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Hi all...For better or worse I added Remeron to the mix of things a couple months ago to help with my benzo WD.  Of course the intention is WD off Remeron at some point.  I felt more activated/amped when I hit 15 mg remeron.  I immediately went back down to 11.25 mg.  I know there is disagreement whether to add a new med to the mix and I understand why.  Any experience as to what amount is most helpful? If I do decrease the remeron do I need to taper slow being as I've only been on it 8 weeks?  Also I've seen conflicting opinions as which to taper first an AD or the benzo.  Opinions?

Had a mental breakdown September 2013.  I was immediately put on 3 mg Klonopin and multiple failed SSRIs.  Was succesfully placed on buspar 30 mg per day as.  Ignorantly tapered off zoloft in 4 weeks  by May 2014.  Also ignorantly tapered Klonopin to .25 mg by june 2014 and then crossed over(too quickly) to 5 mg valium July 2014.  Stupidly tapred down to 2 mg val by Aug 2014. Added 11.25 mg Remeron. Still too quick down to 1 mg val Sept 2014.  .84 mg Val Oct 2014 and battling for every mg at this point.

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If you're using your real name as your screen name, you may wish to change it to protect your privacy. If so, please send me a personal message with your choice of pseudonym.


Here is our discussion about tapering when you are taking multiple drugs Taking multiple psych drugs? Taper the antidepressant first!


There is no definite amount of mirtazapine for anyone to take. Your nervous system has the final say about this.


After 8 weeks, if I were you, I'd reduce the dose very carefully, especially if you've been changing your benzo dose. Your nervous system may be very sensitive to drug changes now. See Tips for tapering off Remeron (mirtazapine)

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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