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Hemp Oil


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I read online that this has a good ratio of omega oils, and people have found that it useful as a natural remedy for all sorts of health conditions.  I bought a bottle of unrefined oil and have begun taking it and wondered if anyone else had been too, especially as it seems as if it will work out more economical than fish oil?

History:- 1993: - prescribed Prozac - soon started having momentary episodes of psychosis - 1994: psychotic breakdown  - prescribed high doses of antipsychotics including Depixol, Chlorpromazine (with procyclidine to control pacing) and later prescribed olanzapine, haloperidol, risperidone with different antidepressants (relapsed or crashed each time I tried to reduce or withdraw from meds).  Can't recall all combinations of drugs have been on.   2007: amisulpride 400mg & venlafaxine 75mg    2013: Got down to 150mg amisulpride, but hospitalised with v.bad psychosis after dropping to this dose and coerced into taking 600mg (always hit problems when dropping below 200mg)  2014: reduced and then problematic symptoms of psychosis, mid-Dec - back up to 200mg,

Feb 2015 had reduced to 180.5mg crashed badly and suddenly and hospitalised : prescribed 300mg amisulpride, 10 mg aripripazole, 50 mg sertraline.  Gradually reduced to 60.75mg amisulpride and 10mg abilify only by Dec 2016.  shortly after 30/1/17 two days paranoia, held and stabilised.  made 2.5% reductions in amisulpride to get to 50mg amisulpride plus 10mg abilify.  Held for long period of time to let CNS stabilise as unable to tolerate any more reductions (from Aug 2017)   April 2018 40mg amisulpride and 10mg abilify.


Current Meds: 17.6mg amisulpride, 10mg abilify plus 2000mg metformin for type II diabetes



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personally i prefer hemp than fishoil. it doesn't have side effects & harmful chemicals

Summer 2013: started on Prozac for OCD

Fall 2013: started Lexapro due to Prozac zombie effects


Stopped Lexapro because of lack of empathy/emotion,anxiety,lack of concentration etc.

Fall 2014: switched to zoloft 


February 2015: started effexor quit C/D after 2 weeks.

April 2015: was on zoloft for a month again to try and wean a bit more slowly. DID not work.

May 2015: dumped all of my medications

July 2015: Struggling day to day with withdrawal symptoms but hopeful that I'll be better at the end of august for the next school year.

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 I don't know much about this. I'll look it up. Please let us know how you go.  It sounds interesting.

Many SSRI's and SSNRI's over 20 years. Zoloft for 7 years followed by Effexor, Lexapro, Prozac, Cymbalta, Celexa, Pristiq, Valdoxan, Mianserin and more - on and off. No tapering. Cold turkey off Valdoxan - end of May 2014


                                                  Psych Drug - free since May 2014

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Bump this. I have had horrid eczma breakouts since withdrawals. Tried fish oil which made the eczma worse (histamines?) and couldn't sleep due to anxiety. 


Just tried flaxseed resulting in another breakout.


But I have always like hemp see oil on my skin so going to start SMALL (1 tsp twice a day) to see if helps.


Being in WD is murdering my appetite this round and I don't think I am getting enough fats into me for my skin to heal . Sigh

Prescribed Lexapro in 2003 and switched to Cipramil (5-10mg per day) 2004 with Lamictal.

Stopped Lamictal cold turkey with no withdrawals in 2014 with support of a Paleo diet. 

2003-2015 Cipramil only: 5mg 21 Dec 15: 2.5mg 28 Dec 15: 2.25mg 4 Jan 16: 1.575mg 10 Jan 16: 1.1025 11 Jan 16: 0.7875 25 Jan 16: 0.9, 1 Feb: 0.8, 8 Feb 0.75, 15 Feb 0.5, 29 Feb 0.25, 21 March 0.17, 4 April: 0.10, 25 April 0.05, 8 May 2016 0.05, 15 May 2016 NIL 21 June 2016 0.1, 5 Sep 16: 0.2 7 Sep 16: 0.15 16 Sep 16: 0.075 3 Oct 16: 0.015 17 October: 0.015, 14 Nov 2016: Reinstate 0.005, 26 Dec 16 0.0045, 2 Jan 17 0.004, 20 Feb 17 0.003, 3 Apr 17 0.002, 22 May 17 NIL. 

Supplements/Lifestyle: Low oxalate diet. Christian music all the time! B12 drops, Broccoli sprouts, Integra Nutritionals Gemmune IB, Zinc drops, Tresos Natal, Spatone Healing rooms: https://www.facebook.com/FODaustralia/videos and http://sydneyheal.com/service/time-and-location/



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  • Moderator Emeritus

Hemp has a good mix of oils, and is tasty on salads.


It's awesome in cosmetic use (should probably post some stuff to the skin topic!)


BUT - we get enough Omega 6, and Hemp is mostly that.


if you are vegan, it is better than no oil at all.  It was recommended for me for my lipid profile, but when I got an OmegaQuant test done, my Omega 6 was still too high, so I dropped the hemp supplement, and stuck to fish oil.


As food and skin care?  terrific!  As a supplement?  Not so much - and take care that you don't get heat treated ones.  It oxidizes and ruins the oil.  I ordered some from iHerb that was positively gross, but the beautiful oil I got here in Australia was fresh and clean.

"Easy, easy - just go easy and you'll finish." - Hawaiian Kapuna


Holding is hard work, holding is a blessing. Give your brain time to heal before you try again.


My suggestions are not medical advice, you are in charge of your own medical choices.


A lifetime of being prescribed antidepressants that caused problems (30 years in total). At age 35 flipped to "bipolar," but was not diagnosed for 5 years. Started my journey in Midwest United States. Crossed the Pacific for love and hope; currently living in Australia.   CT Seroquel 25 mg some time in 2013.   Tapered Reboxetine 4 mg Oct 2013 to Sept 2014 = GONE (3 years on Reboxetine).     Tapered Lithium 900 to 475 MG (alternating with the SNRI) Jan 2014 - Nov 2014, tapered Lithium 475 mg Jan 2015 -  Feb 2016 = GONE (10 years  on Lithium).  Many mistakes in dry cutting dosages were made.

The tedious thread (my intro):  JanCarol ☼ Reboxetine first, then Lithium

The happy thread (my success story):  JanCarol - Undiagnosed  Off all bipolar drugs

My own blog:  https://shamanexplorations.com/shamans-blog/



I have been psych drug FREE since 1 Feb 2016!

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