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softice: 5HTP and Priligy


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Glad I can share that with someone and I'll go straight to the point.

I'm 32y and had PE for life but never ever had any EQ problems. I usually get erection easy, just touching my wife worked before. Because of my PE I thought that 5HTP might have a a positive effect as SSRIs which I took in the past worked really well. I started taking 100mg 5HTP daily in the morning  for two weeks and then for a week or two I was taking it twice a day. I was also taking Maca root 1g once per day. I haven't abused the supplements, probably I was taking them for 3 to 4 weeks. In the meanwhile I took on few occasion Priligy (30mg). That drug works the same way as majority of SSRI but starts working almost immediately and the side effects are less. So from 2mins I was able to last more than 20 mins.

Maybe it was fourth-fifth time I took Priligy and everything was perfect. While having sex in the middle of the act I suddenly lost my erection and couldn't regain it, without a reason. It was like someone pressed a button and switch it off. Since then (almost three months) I don't get random erections at all, neither night nor morning ones. I feel difficulty getting aroused, EQ loss and maintaining erection, no pains or what so ever. I stopped 5HTP and Maca immediately. Now I still very confused on what the hell had happen. I can remember I had similar periods before - lack of libido and maybe it's just temporarily OR (worse) 5HTP and Priligy messed up my brain. I already read some horror stories about 5HTP but again, I didn't abuse them and I was taking 5HTP for a month only and took Priligy (30mg) few times in the meanwhile. It's even hard to sustain erection since then and I NEVER had this problem before, it's like my sensitivity is gone or something similar. I tried watching porn or get aroused before edging but it's really hard it's like my brain doesn't accept it. I had sex few times with my wife but it was hard to get aroused and get a good EQ. You know when you start thinking about sex or imagining stuff it usually works, well it doesn't work anymore for me.

The other change in my lifestyle was that I started weight lifting and bulking, gained almost 8kg for 2 months. The most I'm taking is Whey and maintain proper diet.

I had an Utrasound examination of my testicles and everything is fine. My blood tests look good - Testostoreno, Proction, T4, TSH, cholesterol are all in referential range.


I was told that my N.O producing nerves are depleted as a result of taking 5HTP and Priligy at the same time and I'm currently taking Zinc and Folic Acid. I was also told to start taking USPLabs PowerFULL which I'm still avoiding.

Has anyone experienced something like that or do you have any idea. I got used to PE but that really scares me I can't stop thinking about that.

I really appreciate your comments. Thanks!


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  • Administrator

Welcome, softice.


This is somewhat out of the realm of this community, which is for withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.


You might find the discussions about Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction interesting.


We don't know of any treatment for this. Generally, the body needs time to heal itself and the condition gradually goes away.


Since most likely your condition is iatrogenic -- caused by taking neuroactive substances -- taking other neuroactive substances might cause further distress to your nervous system, which also governs sexual response.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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Hi Altostrata,


Thanks for the fast reply.


Sorry for that, I was thinking since I have PSSD it would be appropriate place to start new discussion. Actually the way I found the forums was after search for 5HTP and ED and after reading this thread I'm starting to panic.


I still hope that mixing 5HTP with Priligy on few occasions (taking 5HTP for a month and Priligy around 5-6 times in the meanwhile) won't have such a massive impact and hopefully I'll heal quickly. I can't get my head around how dangerous was that and how "easily" it happened. It's been almost three months and I have to say and I have some slight improvement but still far from what it was before.


So in general how do you treat the withdrawal symptoms after stopping the anti-depressants ? Just leave the body to heal itself ? Are there any success stories at least which could give me some hope ?


Thanks again. Good to have such places where people can share.



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  • Administrator

Please look at our Symptoms and Self-Care forum http://tinyurl.com/3hq949z and use search to find discussions of PSSD.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

All postings © copyrighted.

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Yeah, I've started reading there. Glad to see there are success stories and hopefully I'll get the same results soon or later.




Hey Softice,


I just came across your thread. How are you doing now?



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@softice, how are you today mate

2015june psyc ward due to psychosis

10 days 10mg zyprexa. stopped cold turkey. side effects were blinking eyes, eyes shut down by themself when going to sleep, restless,hunger. I had natural sleep (6hrs) before zyprexa. Slept exact 8hours with zyprexa.


2015july one month after cold turkey(had own sleep during this time exact 8hours every night, felt like zyprexa sleep even though i didnt take it) I lost my sleep over a night and it never came back. 0hours for 7-10days before I had to reinstate zyprexa on 5mg first 2days 10mg 1week 5mg 1week and then stopped CT. maybe also had 7.5 and 2.5 some days dont remember.


2015sept/october 3weeks Nitrazepam 1w Theralen build of sleep


2016may psyc ward psychoziz. Trilafon injection Immovan 3weekz


2016june 1week theralen had some extra sleep but realised its just pushing problem forward i guess


2019 Ive now been medicine free for almost 2.5 years (I think last Trilafon injection was 2016 October) and still not fully recovered. I believe my overdose on Zyprexa (20mg + injection) did most damage. 

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