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Healing is many things synergistically coming together http://wp.me/p5nnb-bGK


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Healing for me has been more about learning to live well than about finding the right healing method or technique.

For me what that might be varies everyday, in fact. So that learning to listen to my body/mind/spirit complex is much more important than habitual and rote healing methods (that includes daily habits — of exercise or meditation — or substance use, whether those are pharmaceuticals or dietary supplements or even food).

Everything changes everyday for me. Nothing remains the same. Getting attached to what might be perceived as “healthy” habits can be detrimental for me. In the state of high dysregulation that theiatrogenic injury from psychiatric drugs causes for many of us what is helpful one day becomes unhelpful and sometimes even detrimental the next.

Ah! What a lesson in listening to the body. How important it becomes to practice non-attachment too. The rug gets pulled from under the feet daily.

Truly, it’s been an amazing opportunity (if also sometimes highly frustrating) in not attaching to anything. And thus it’s been a great teacher about the nature of reality which also changes in every instance. Nothing is permanent. All is transient. As I heal all this becomes simpler. But this particular healing process has had a very sharp and very long learning curve.

When one understands the interconnectedness of everything it becomes clear that healing comes from all corners of experience…

“Cure” is rarely one thing applied to the whole. It is instead a dance of many things synergistically coming together for wholeness.

The quick fix is almost always a fantasy.


Tree of Life, Gustav Klimt


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withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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