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Warning about juice bars and cocktail bars. (Yes, really.)... Activated charcoal


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Although most people in withdrawal cannot tolerate alcohol (often for some time after), I've noticed in many recent posts that a number of people do mention going out with friends for drinks, etc. Also many people use juice from juice bars while trying to regain their health.


If you are still tapering (not yet med-free) - or on any other medication therapeutically for any condition - just wanted to let you know about this new trend of putting activated charcoal in some drinks (alcoholic and also juices) as a "cleanse."




A common treatment for poisonings and overdoses, raw activated charcoal — aka coal or carbon — has moved into the spotlight at unlikely places. In L.A., charcoal is showing up at juice bars, and recently as a cocktail ingredient at the newly opened Tacoteca in Santa Monica.

The Punchbowl, a juice bar in Los Feliz, mixes charcoal into their Witches’ Brew juice. A mix of pear cider, anise, clove, cinnamon and noni (the fruit from a tree that grows amidst lava flow), the concoction “binds to pharmaceuticals and pesticides and kicks them out,” according to co-owner Jonathon Wright. He adds, “It gets them the **** out of there.”


Another local juicery, Juice Served Here, puts the carbon in their lemonade, calling the blend #19...


(Bolding in excerpt is my own.)



I've been studying about alternative health in various aspects for many decades, and I've long been aware that activated charcoal can be an effective remedy for overdoses and poisonings. It should not replace proper medical care in such situations, but the fact that it can be effective is why anyone on medication needs to be aware that it is now being used in some juice and cocktail bar drinks. It could cause an inadvertent "cold turkey."


I was glad I learned about this long ago, as someone recommended it to me to "detox" myself and improve my health. But I was (and still am) on seizure medication for epilepsy, and such a health measure could have been dangerous. It could also mess up a taper or affect anyone trying to stabilize or who is on one or more other meds.

I was "TryingToGetWell" (aka TTGW) on paxilprogress. I also was one of the original members here on Surviving Antidepressants


I had horrific and protracted withdrawal from paxil, but now am back to enjoying life with enthusiasm to the max, some residual physical symptoms continued but largely improve. The horror, severe derealization, anhedonia, akathisia, and so much more, are long over.


My signature is a temporary scribble from year 2013. I'll rewrite it when I can.


If you want to read it, click on http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/209-brandy-anyone/?p=110343

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Hi Brandy,


Very interesting read.


I just wanted to pass along a "hello". I think I recognize you from paxilprogress? You helped me out a bit in 2012. My name is Jason. I am not sure if you remember me.



So good to see you again.


I have thought about trying charcoal for my own issues with fungus, but never tried. I actually avoid binders for the moment. When I did use binders for detox, I liked psyllium husks and Chlorella.



Zoloft: 2002 - sometime 2003 CT
Celexa: 2004 - 2007 20 mg
Effexor XR: 2007 - 2009 300 mg!!!
Effexor XR: 2010 - 2011 tapered down to 18.75 mg, hard time with interdose withdrawal
Prozac: 2011 5 mg till October, then got more depressed tried to updose to 10mg for three days and I became suicidal and very ill
tapered to 2 mg then stopped Feb 20, 2012. Restarting Celexa 10mg March 2017 due to rough patch in my life (anxiety and depression).

Link to my intro page here

Also : was addicted to Klonopin 2004 - 2008, tapered in 2008. Still have on hand for panic, but rarely used.

Suspected mold infection living in moldy room 2012.

Supplements I take: Multi, probiotic, wild Alaskan salmon oil, C, D3, methylB12, niacinamide, whey protein isolate

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