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muscovado sugar?


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I wonder if this could be a good alternative to sugar? It seems it contains lots of minerals...



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I use a variety of sugars.


Coconut sugar is the lowest GI and has a great mineral profile.  It is also not very sweet, so you must resist the urge to use more of it.


Jaggary (palm, date, or cane juice sugar) from India is rich, with also low GI and good mineral content - but sometimes smells like stinky feet, and comes in bricks that you shave off what you need.


Panela - is unrefined cane sugar in a brick.


Rapadura (which is close to what you are saying) is unprocessed cane sugar, and is the tastiest of the bunch, rich and caramel-y, but not too sticky or stinky.  Also called Muscovado or Sucanat (brand name of a certain crop from South America, I think)


Demerara is crystalline rapadura, often called "coffee crystals," and is too expensive other than occasional use.


Agave is liquid fructose, with minimal minerals.  It's fashionable, but not much better than processed sugar.


What I use is a blend of rapadura, coconut sugar (not very sweet), a special Aussie raw sugar (much cheaper) called "Low GIcal", and a bit of erithrytol.  


That said it is ALL sugar.  One of the things I have to be careful of is honey, apparently I have an intolerance to it.  I can eat it, but sparingly. So I use agave or maple syrup instead (on cereal for example)


ALL sugar breaks down quickly unless it is combined with fats, minerals (which is why these are better than white sugar), or fibre.


Another way to get these trace minerals would be in pink himalayan salt.

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