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Applecider vinger


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 My son is still tapering and we as parents doing the best we can to lower 

his dose. He is still on zyprexa starting two years ago on 15mg. Now he is 

on 3.5mg. he is not taking any other drug or supplement expet vit-D3-1000. 

he still have withdrawal waves and I'm wondering if any one used Apple cider vinegar. 

I read a lot good about it but didn't want try that I don't know. Any suggestion or idea is welcome. 



This is Tyson. I'm not sure if I'm doing this in the right place. But I'm doing this cause I thought I don't have a file here. 

I was trying to get some help from members with my son's withdrawal, but it's been lost somewhere. So, I thought maybe I should 

put my intro. and then that might help.

My son started Respiradol 3mg took that for three month and dropped it. Then Abilify 5mg for six month and due to his restlesnes, stopped by his doc. 

then got ordered to take zyprexa 15mg. He took zyprexa for five years but lowering with the help of doc and compounding pharmacy. he is now on 1.25mg. but 

things are getting tough. no nutrition guide or supplements. 

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I use it all the time and it has helped me so much with my food sensitivities and my air hunger breathing problems. When I start to feel bad I take a sip and wash it down with water.

12 year on Paxil 20mg. Dropped to 5mg a few years before weaning, Was on 5mg weaned over a few months and then went off Aug 15, 2012. Severe withdrawal started Nov 2012 and have been slowly recovering. Have had all physical symptoms especially muscle, immune and food sensitivities!

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