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Brain Regeneration in Humans


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I thought I'd put this in the "finding meaning" section because we might find some hope in this.  I was surfing around the net today trying to find hope when I came across a couple of articles that might suggest that humans can grow neurons throughout life:


I thought it was interesting that they got theses findings as a result of nuclear bomb tests 60 years ago

And I also found this article that explains a little on how the process works:


the little guys have to climb up the nerve  to the damage site.  No wonder it takes a while!

March 5, 6  2015 1 10mg Paxil each day - only 2 pills total - experienced huge tingle in my head on first pill


numbness in my hands and feet, skin less sensitive over all... not ticklish anymore

**anhedonia, blank emotions

PSSD, anorgasmia

heartbeat rhythm problems

"To err is human.  To really foul things up requires a psychiatrist."



"When you are going through hell, keep going" - Winston Churchill (the only way out is through)

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