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jjnz 4 years off Effexor


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I am 4 years off effexor, had terrible wd's including headzaps for 6 months. But yesterday, 4 years later they have come back. I also have a bad flu/cold bronchitis.? Is this common,? I haven't heard of this association before ? Here's hoping it's temporary.

Also has anyone had any reemergent symptoms as a result of quitting smoking, I did that 6 months ago and have all sorts of neoro issues, light tremor ,fasculations in feet

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Just a quick update, I stopped taking the chest medicine (Bisolvon(bromhexine hydrochloride)) I had a couple of headzaps on awakening but otherwise they have stopped.

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Welcome, jjnz.


I moved your posts here to start your Introductions topic, where you can track your progress.


You've had a long journey -- what were your early withdrawal symptoms like? How long did it take for them to go away? What was the process like?


Yes, sometimes other drugs can cause odd symptoms in nervous systems sensitized by withdrawal syndrome. Sometimes drug-drug interactions are the reason. Please put ALL the drugs you take in the Drug Interactions Checker http://www.drugs.com/drug_interactions.html and copy and paste the results in this topic.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Other than the reaction..how is it four years off??

<p>10 years of ssri and finally tapered off in 2 years. Off Celexa by jan/28/2014 and off benzos by March/6th/2014 after only two months use and still experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

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