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Psychiatric patient causes ambulance to roll on I-15, police say


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Link to story: http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=35644626

thoughts ? 

Summer 2013: started on Prozac for OCD

Fall 2013: started Lexapro due to Prozac zombie effects


Stopped Lexapro because of lack of empathy/emotion,anxiety,lack of concentration etc.

Fall 2014: switched to zoloft 


February 2015: started effexor quit C/D after 2 weeks.

April 2015: was on zoloft for a month again to try and wean a bit more slowly. DID not work.

May 2015: dumped all of my medications

July 2015: Struggling day to day with withdrawal symptoms but hopeful that I'll be better at the end of august for the next school year.

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