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The Quantum Activist


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Anyone that has loved the shows

, I highly recommend The Quantum Activist. It gives a much deeper and more expansive view of how thought effects matter and reality. It's so much More.


Welcome to the world of Quantum Consciousness. There are two women standing on separate street corners and both want a green light, but it would be impossible. One has to have a green and one has to have a red. Both have watched the Secret and What the Bleep, and they are aware of choosing reality and both apply it to get a green light. Which one gets the green light? That's what this movie gets into. Much deeper understanding of Quantum Physics in this Light.


This movie is on Netflix too.



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I watched this film last night. I watched it on Canadian Netflix. I couldn't find it on US Netflix.


I'm not religious at all but I do believe we are all connected somehow. The idea that there is a cosmic consciousness that connects all of us is quite fascinating. I definitely want to read more about this. The physicist featured in the film, Amit Goswami, says that we can change the world by being more aware of how interconnected we are. He says our actions affect others. If we approach things with positive emotions and love, we will affect others. As a species, we can evolve. When we hurt others we are hurting ourselves as well. You must love your enemy. Your enemy is you. We are all one.

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