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Music for the Mind and Spirit


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I just watched an excellent documentary called "Music Instinct: Science and Song". It's about how the music effects the brain, all kinds of studies about how it helps with things like Parkensins and stroke victims. There's just too much in that movie to explain.


"Its impact bridging time, geography and culture, music serves to unite all peoples of the globe. This groundbreaking documentary explores how and why humans are so inexorably affected by rhythm and melody. Art and science intersect as leading researchers and prominent musicians such as Bobby McFerrin and Yo-Yo Ma reveal surprising connections between music, the brain, the body and human evolution"


When I was in my darkest days, especially at the drop from 40 to 30 mg, I was utterly ungrounded. I felt like my spirit body wasn't in alignment with my physical body. I felt the world was a dark, horrifying place and whoever thought to create life must be mad to put us in this hell. I was hating life. I was so overwhelmed with anxiety and fear that my stomach was a huge knot and I felt cold to my core. Not a physical cold, but a spiritual coldness.


I was in bed and I wanted to pray, but all I could think of to say was "God help me". Then, I felt the urge to start singing. And I was singing childhood songs I'd heard in church, like "Father I adore you" and "Jesus loves me". And I'd do "Hail Mary's" over and over between songs, even though I've never stepped foot in a Catholic Church. This helped me so much that I did it all day long. I realized it was too hard to come up with prayers, so I was repeating decrees, rosaries and mantras and singing songs. It did something to align my lower bodies, my emotional, mental, astral and physical bodies up and grounded me and I felt sane again.


I feel like my prayer was answered. God did help me. It was soon after that, that I got the idea of Homeopathy and found the right cures for myself. They may not be the cures for everyone, but I believe that when we ask and really put an effort in the asking, repetitively and with faith, that a path will show itself to us that will give us the help we need.


I feel that when I first asked God to help me, that He planted the idea in me to sing and do mantras, as the effects of it did something to my brain. It stimulating the right pathways and got me into a better alignment. The vibration effecting my whole body and nervous system.


Music is wonderful. I am constantly playing classical music over and over, always in the background. I have heard that if you listen to all of Beethovens 9 symphonies that it will insight a spiritual awakening. Mozart has been shown to improve math skills. There is just so much to music that is wonderful to the brain and the spirit.

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