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Pending legal suit: Eloquent explanation of how Pharma misinforms doctors


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Although this news segment I just saw on TV is about Ohio Atty. General's lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies re opioids, I found much of it relevant to what is repeatedly posted in patient accounts here about doctors' advice, such as if having problems with a med you need to increase dose, etc. I hope we can find a way to get the government and doctors to realize that the advice pharma often gives is not medically sound but to increase their sales (profits). I don't know how long the segment (from MSNBC) will be up, but here's the link for now: http://www.msnbc.com/mtp-daily/watch/ohio-atty-gen-i-ve-lived-through-opioid-crisis-959038531610

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I had horrific and protracted withdrawal from paxil, but now am back to enjoying life with enthusiasm to the max, some residual physical symptoms continued but largely improve. The horror, severe derealization, anhedonia, akathisia, and so much more, are long over.


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