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Asta: Cipralex

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Thank you for the answer.

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Hi Asta,

Looks like you are coming along nicely, all things considered.  Over a year now since the Lexapro.

And a steady taper with the Trazodone.  There's no shame in taking a HOLD period either, if you think you might need one.  I don't know that any of us can blame the drugs for everything that might trouble us.  What do you think?

Have you explored at the link you left above?    Oh, what did you decide on hyperbaric oxygen treatments?  Of course, as at least I know, for myself, there is no hastening the healing that needs to happen as our bodies continue to readjust and further stabilize after the drug treatments.  I do know, that now, for myself.......it's much easier,  much better.......as the symptoms I had while drugged, and in the first couple of years of WD,  were sure a whole lot worse, than anything that I have anymore. 


On 9/14/2019 at 11:52 AM, Asta said:

There are also days where I feel worse, but they are not strong and short. It is very scary that I could get worse.

I keep feeling bad about myself that I am a user of these toxins and that I am giving money to these doctors, but I am happy that I found this website.

Next week I am traveling to a Sicilian island Panarea. I believe that good food and beautiful views will help me get better as well. 


Why do you think you could get worse?  Has that chest symptom improved?  The one that you had attributed to anxiety.  It sounds like you manage to get some lovely vacations in.  Healing is ongoing for me.  Most days I don't even look at it as WD anymore.  It hovers in the background however.  Certainly, I am more cautious about what I put into my body.   I do need to work hard on myself, at this point though.  Some non-drug coping that I do, as well as take note, of what positive changes have occurred throughout all this.........my journey, so to speak  B).  It's a good one.  Trying to get on my fall/winter schedule now.  Lot's and lot's of that work that I do.......that keeps me going.



Love, peace, healing, and growth,





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I do not want to be too negative, but the medicine is to blame for all these life struggles. Like I said earlier, before taking medication I was living a happy, worthy life and enjoyed everything and traveled. Now I think, that after the surgery the headaches that I had could of been from narcotics and antibiotics. I probably should have done nothing and my headaches would have gone away and just strengthen the body. But I did not do that. I turned to doctors that I believed in and ended up getting 2 different antidepressants. This is definitely not normal, but this is the truth.

My symptom in my chest is a lot smaller and migrates to different areas. The feeling comes from different movements like raising my arms, turning side to side, or bending down. It is also very sensitive if I touch those areas. It is definitely better when I am able to change my thoughts. I was always a very communicative person with people all around me. Now, I continue to try to be that way by socializing, traveling, and doing the things I love to get my mind off of the subject of the medication.

I have shared this link, because I thought maybe it could help someone. I myself looked over it too because I did not want to miss anything that could possibly help me. I want to somehow accelerate this process so I could help myself, but everywhere I read the answer is time. It is sad that you really do need a lot of time. I really wanted to try out the Hyperbaric oxygen procedures after reading a lot about it, but I ended up deciding that I do not want to risk it.

I am scared for it to get worse since I have such a bad experience already from stopping the intake of escitalopram, and I know that heeling takes place with the window and wave model. Also, the decrease of intake of trazadone and I do not know what to expect from every medication dose decrease. Even though I feel a lot better, I have fear of the horror coming back. I wish you the best so that one day you will reach your goal. Even if it is in small steps, it will still be forward.

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